Meet our decorator

Mød vores Decorator

“I never thought that I would celebrate a 15 years anniversary, but my job at Schou is just exciting every day.”

We have many employees staying for many years - and we’re always happy to celebrate them. Marion Hansen has been working as a decorator in your showroom for 15 years keeping the presentation of products up to date and spotless.

“He was probably annoyed about my constant phone calls and gave me the job”

15 years ago, Marion kept on pushing to get the job even though she didn’t even have a decorator’s education. But with her experience from retail and her creative skills she convinced us to give her the job.

” And we must say, it has been a real pleasure. Marion is very dedicated, loyal and a good colleague.

“I was really nervous about my job when I got ill back in 2018”

Today, Marion is not working fulltime, since she experienced a chronic condition in 2018, preventing her from managing a full time job. But fortunately we were able to make an arrangement to keep Marion on a part-time basis.