Meet our purchasing coordinator

Mød vores Purchasing Coordinator

Our purchasing coordinator Ivana has been an integral part of the Schou team for 7 years. She started as cover for maternity leave, and was then offered a permanent position, which included both sales- and buying tasks.

To Ivana an essential part of the job is professional development, and so she is now exclusively working with buying and connecting tasks such as order processing, artwork and exchanging production information.

Ivana especially emphasizes that new professional tasks and market changes are an exciting part of her workday:

"I love new challenges and being busy. This is why my new job is perfect for me. At the buying department we have to keep cool in busy periods, and at the same time being in control of the market which is constantly moving in different directions. We have to keep on track without loosing the essence of Schou – good products at reasonable prices - and it is very exciting to be a part of this process.

At Schou you work independently with responsibility, there is a certain freedom in your working procedures. But it also gives you a great personal satisfaction when you succeed. And sharing this success with your colleagues also gives you a great joy, since my colleagues are a really big part of my work pleasure, both the colleagues in my own department and in the rest of Schou."