The R's of sustainability

Aiming for sustainability in our work

We take our responsibility
as the biggest
wholesaler in Scandinavia
seriously and strive continually to find environmentally friendly solutions in our work.

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Amfori BSCI

Corporate Social Responsibility

Schou is part of Amfori BSCI,
which guarantees accountability
through the entire production chain, as well as ensuring that our suppliers observe stringent international principles.

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Ocean Plast

Recycled plastic from our oceans

We are proud of our Ocean Plast series, which makes use of plastic waste collected from the
fishing industry,
which is then re-granulated and sent to our
partners to be re-fashioned
into beautiful durable furniture.

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Strong, natural, and sustainable

Bamboo is a great
substitute for wood and plastic.
Not only is it a hard-wearing material,
it also releases
more oxygen than trees, which helps to counteract CO² emissions,
as well as benefiting the environment.

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Plastic minimised packaging

Responsible packaging

We are working hard to create a greener footprint
through continuously reducing the amount of plastic
in our packaging and also trying to
decrease our use of packaging in general.

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