Archaeological treasures in Kolding

Arkæologiske skatte i Kolding

Ca. 2000 years ago, in the time we call Roman Iron Age, there was a small community with 5 farms and a village on the southern side of what 1100 years later came to be known as Kolding.

As a part of our construction project, a team of archaeologists was granted permission to dig for all the treasures that might have been preserved in the earth. The construction site, which is currently the biggest in Denmark, hid a big scientific prize. The well-preserved items meant that the archaeologists had the opportunity to investigate and dig out an entirety, where all the elements of people living together were represented.

In 2024 the area will become the home of our new headquarters and warehouse. The warehouse, which is going to be the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe, will be ready as soon as 2023.

It is believed that the village, that existed all those years ago, was fortified because of uncertain times. In much the same manner our new headquarters will unite the company and provide the framework for a more unified and even better business.

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