Our products are a safe and secure choice for our customers


The safety and security of our products is paramount to us. That is why we meet all the market's safety requirements through thorough processes and well-thought-out measures. At Schou, the product is the focal point and the core of our business.
It is very important to us that our customers feel safe when choosing our products. All our products must fulfil our own internal requirements as well as the legislative requirements for health, safety, environment and quality.

We work for sustainability

We follow sustainability developments and launch sustainability initiatives where it makes the most sense and benefits us as a trading company, and where we can prevent and mitigate our negative impact on the environment and climate. We take our responsibility seriously and work continuously to find more environmentally friendly solutions and manufacture our products with the greatest possible consideration for our environment and the planet's resources.
The development of more climate-friendly products takes place in close co-operation with our suppliers and other business partners.


Reduce, Reuse and Rethink are more important now than ever before and require a determined effort.
Through persistence and research, we have developed a series of climate-friendly and pioneering initiatives.

REDUCE: Vi skal minimere mængden af affald, vi producerer!

REUSE: Vi skal bruge tingene mere end én gang.

RETHINK: Vi skal overveje, hvordan vores valg påvirker miljøet.

REDUCE: We must minimize the amount of waste we produce.

REUSE: We should use things more than once.

RETHINK: We should consider how our choices affect the environment.

Natural, strong and more sustainable

Bamboo is a great substitute for wood and plastic. The durable material grows quickly and, compared to trees, converts CO² into O² quicker, benefiting the environment.
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Recycled plastic from the ocean

We are proud of our Ocean Plast range, where plastic waste from the
fishing industry is collected, regranulated and sent to our
partners to be moulded into beautiful and durable furniture.

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FSC – The Forest
Steward Council®

FSC nr.: FSC-C104489

At Schou, we have chosen to become FSC certified.
FSC is the world's most ambitious global certification for responsible forest management, and through our certification we ensure that our wood products come from controlled sources. FSC works for both nature and human conditions in the world's forest areas.
FSC certification means that we as a company are controlled and checked every year by an independent certification body, where we must present all documentation of our work.

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As part of our contribution to the green transition, we want to use more recycled materials in our products.

We are certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), CU 1186580.

Products certified to the GRS contain recycled material that has been verified at each stage of the supply chain, from the recycler to the final product. In addition, social, environmental, and chemical criteria related to processing are required.

Only the products which carry the GRS label and claim are certified.

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