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welcome to vision park

In August 2021, we broke ground on what is today Denmark's largest single-level warehouse. A building we are proud of, and which, together with our 311 colleagues, will make us even stronger for the new adventurers of the future.

Vil du vide mere om vores store byggeri?

The plot size is an incredible 313,000 m2, the equivalent of 48 football pitches.

Footprint of the building: 89,000 m2, equivalent to about 14 football pitches, so big in fact, that the building could fit Wembley stadium twice or the Kolding shopping centre 1.5 times.

There will be large-scale loading and unloading with as many as 56 ramps.

The entire warehouse section will be completed on 1 April 2023, while the high-bay warehouse will not be completed until September 2023.

As part of the development of Vision Park, the outdoor areas also need to be prepared for the benefit of nature and the people who use it. But no, right now it does not look much like a park.

The high bay warehouse will be about 42 metres high and will have space for 40,000 pallets.

A total of 2,890 concrete elements (among walls, columns, decks and TTS) will be installed.

Approximately 500 car parking spaces will be provided on the site (including administration).

We are building an even bigger headquarters, which will be about 6500 square metres and a showroom that is more than twice as big as the current 8500 square metres.

Construction news

All the way to the top in Kolding Syd
All the way to the top in Kolding Syd
The start of the high-bay warehouse
The start of the high-bay warehouse
But what exactly are you building?
But what exactly are you building?