We act

CSR Strategy

We trade responsibly

As the largest non-food trading company in the Nordics, we have, through our business, great influence and impact on the countries and societies in which we operate. As a Danish family-owned company, we are, acting responsibly is part of our DNA. We strive to ensure a profitable and sustainable by integrating social, environmental and ethical considerations into our business strategy and operations.

In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, it requires us to remain constantly focused
on our social impact. Based on the societal demands and expectations we face,
we continuously risk assess our impact in relation to our social responsibility.
It is about necessary and timely due diligence.

It represents 4 strategic areas of action where we believe we have a real opportunity to create positive
change, and contribute to a better future by addressing some of the global challenges the world faces.



Our products are a safe and secure choice for our customers
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We protect the environment and climate by minimising our footprint
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We are a responsible and attractive place to work
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We behave as an ethical and responsible corporate citizen
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The overall direction
UN Global Goals

The 17 UN Global Goals set the course towards more sustainable development by 2030 and are important benchmarks for our strategic CSR efforts.
The goals we consider most relevant to our business are goals 3, 4, 8 and 12.
In addition, through our CSR work, we also contribute positively to a number of other goals.

Dialogue and Partnerships
Dialogue and cooperation with customers, suppliers and other business partners is a vital part of our corporate culture. We are stronger if we work together to solve the challenges facing the world - it is not only common sense but also good business.

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