A new Schou takes over: Andreas Schou

En ny Schou tager over: Andreas Schou

After the death of Johannes Schou in 1939, Kirstine Schou continues the business with support from her to eldest sons, Knud and Laurids. However, there is little doubt that the second-youngest son, Andreas Schou, also has inherited an undeniable talent for trade and business.

But Andreas is a young man with many talents and thrives very well in the army as an officer. So, it takes some persuasion to bring him home to Vamdrup. But in 1951 he becomes head of the business together with Laurids. This collaboration lasts for about ten years, then Andreas will like to run things himself.

But it is not always easy taking over a business, where every part of the family is involved. In the end all agree to split things up. Laurids, for instance, takes charge of the big paint and lacquer factory. But Andreas does not mind. He knows that he has a gift for trade and that he just needs a place where he can unfold it.

So, he is keen to move on, when Kirk Christiansen from LEGO asks him if he wants to be part of the board of the wholesale hardware store, Nielsen og Skou Petersen in Kolding. He barely manages to settle in before he thinks that it is probably better to run it himself. Andreas buys the store and lays the foundation for the Schou we know today.

With the same talent for commerce and trade as his father, Andreas is quick to expand the business. He comes up with new ideas just as he come up with new products – garden furniture, tools and bikes. Soon there is a need for lager premises. Born and bred in Vamdrup there is only one place to go for Andreas, so in 1966 Andreas moves the company to his hometown.