Meet our photographer

Mød vores Photographer

Michael is our photographer here at our head office in Kolding – He gets in every day with a smile and great passion to get the right picture in the studio.

Michael has worked at Schou for one year and succeeded in lifting our imagery to new heights. At the same time, he has proved to be a skilled team player who never backs down from new challenges and get’s em done fast.

We have asked Michael what makes him most happy about his work, he answers:

"I love many things about Schou - but one thing that’s very important is that they let me develop my skills as a photographer. I get challenged professionally within my tasks and have great influence on the material I deliver. There is a high pace in my studio - and throughout the rest of the company, but we take it all with a smile and help each other to be successful. I have a wide interface in the house, as many people come by with photo tasks - I love the drive and dialogue it creates between me and my colleagues. Honestly, we do not always agree, but it is often here the magic happens and that we land on a better solution than we had expected."