Meet our Product Safety Manager

Mød vores Product Safety Manager

For almost 5 years, Kirsten has been our Product Safety Manager, working intensively on our whole product range.

Kirsten has a background in engineering, which is an advantage in her daily work in relation to structuring and relating to new products and customer demands without loosing sight of the task.

At the same time, Kirsten has an incredible ability to deal with heavy regulations and turning them into usable tools for our buyers.

Kirsten especially appreciates the engagement and responsibility of product safety:

"When I applied for the job, it was very appealing to me that a company chose to employ people who were only supposed to work with product safety, and I wanted to be a part of their willingness to step up for control and for a continuous improvement of the products that we buy.

In my department we are three colleagues, and we are only working with product safety and the many aspects of this area, including the requirements that we impose on our suppliers.

This specific willingness is shining through and makes a special, wonderful atmosphere in the house, since we are all working towards the same goal.

We also value the cooperative community, and we really know how to arrange some great company events, which will be remembered for a long time."