Kolding’s Citizen of the Year

Årets Koldingborger
What a way to start the New Year: Jørgen Schou is Citizen of the Year in Kolding!
“Kolding’s Citizen of the Year has highlighted and strengthened Kolding’s reputation in such a way that it’s been widely noticed and acknowledged.”, Knud Erik Langhoff, Mayor of Kolding, stated in his speech following today’s award.
“We’re proud when reading about the Kolding-based company in the newspaper or when the merchant from Kolding is mentioned. This year’s “Kolding’s Citizen of the Year” knows a good deal when he sees it. He’s very passionate and has a clear vision.”
In our company, we couldn’t agree more! We’re extremely proud that this year’s award goes to our own Jørgen Schou. He’s the 3rd generation of the Schou Company and a true role model for all of us – both in terms of passion, courage, and business management.

Jørgen is truly passionate and hard-working, and even though his business has expanded far beyond the country’s borders across the world, Kolding has always been close to his heart. This is also where he continues to develop exciting projects and job opportunities, most recently illustrated with Vision Park at Exit 65.
We all congratulate Jørgen with this impressive achievement! 🎉