A legendary 45th anniversary

Et legendarisk 45 års jubilæum

It was with a great sense of pride that we recently celebrated a legendary anniversary – Jørn Busch’s 45 years with Schou. Jørn has been with the company from the very beginning, and he is still a very important member of our team.

When Jørn started in our purchasing department in Vamdrup in 1976, the department had a total of two employees, and that was including Jørn. A lot has happened since then and Jørn has been a major part of our journey to where we are today, now employing 305 people.

When it comes to his work, Jørn has always been at the forefront and has shown how a price can be negotiated professionally, and over the years his roles have included Purchasing Manager and Key Account Manager. He is therefore without a doubt the employee who has the most days of travel and the most negotiations under his belt, with both customers and suppliers in the Far East.

Jørn’s experience, personality and extensive knowledge about Schou’s development and history is a huge resource and it is valued highly by the employees.

Congratulations with your anniversary!