He was the life of the party and the company’s man

Han var festens midtpunkt og firmaets mand

Words of remembrance about Thomas L. Lyckhage

By Owner Jørgen V. L. Schou, Chairman of the Board Jens Bolding Jensen and CEO Gotfred Christiansen, Schou Company A/S

Thomas L. Lyckhage, Commercial Director of Schou Company A/S, has died at age 45.

23 years ago, Thomas Lyckhage applied for a position as a driving salesman at the trading group Schou Company A/S in Kolding. He did so without having a driver's license, and that describes him quite well. Thomas Lyckhage had an enormous self-confidence, an indomitable drive and a charming audacity. He got the job, and a few years later he was Purchasing Manager.

This is how Thomas Lyckhage won people over, and he continued to do so for the rest of his life, which unfortunately became too short. It is certain, however, that Thomas Lyckhage achieved more in the 45 years he lived than most others will have achieved by the age of 70. By his untimely death he had not only created a career for himself that culminated in a position as Commercial Director at Schou Company. He also had family with both husband, children and a granddaughter.

Thomas Lyckhage loved festivity, and he was always the center of the party. He was unifying, enterprising and ambitious on behalf of both himself and the company. Happy, positive and creative. He was passionate about Schou Company, and he set high standards for both himself and everyone else around him. He could be both unreasonable and impatient, but he could also get away with it. Thomas Lyckhage had the admiration and respect of the employees. He was the quintessence of the Schou spirit.

Unfortunately, his hectic, festive and colorful life ended prematurely. He died suddenly of natural causes in his home, and he leaves us and his colleagues and employees at the Schou Company in shock and grief. We will miss Thomas as the indomitable, cheerful man he was, and as the loyal, stylish, commercial merchant he was for the Schou Company.

Thomas Lyckhage leaves behind his husband Claus Nielsen Lyckhage, daughters Clara and Josefine Stoltenberg Lyckhage and granddaughter Alba.

In loving memory of Thomas Lyckhage.