We are celebrating Kim’s 25th anniversary

Vi fejrer Kims 25-års jubilæum

This week, Kim Bergstedt can celebrate his 25th anniversary at Schou. He still works at the same place to this day, at the warehouse in Børkop. From the day he started, 2 things stood clear to him as the most important: The customer and comradery.

Kim started at the goods reception and worked with checking and storing the new arrivals. After that, he became a part of the container department. Kim accounts that it sometimes became so cold that the pens would not write on their packing slips.

Today Kim’s job is to make sure the mechanical equipment like trucks and other machines runs smoothly. He also signs off on the hazardous good and is the safety representative. He says it is still the comradery and the customer that are the most important to him, and the two parts do seem to go together. The comradery makes them able to work well together and gives them the ability to solve logistical issues to make sure everyone is happy and content. It is one of the main reasons Kim has stayed on as long as he has.

Even though they have thrown away the packing slip and the pen in lieu of modern solutions, the motivation is still just as strong after 25 years.

We all wish you congratulations on the anniversary, and we look forward to many great years.