We celebrate Susanne’s 25th anniversary.

Vi fejrer Susannes 25-års jubilæum

Susanne has always been a woman with drive, and it is with great pride, that we can celebrate her long career amongst her friend, family, and colleagues.

25 years ago, Susanne was employed by “H.P. Værktøj” and she has been a permanent part of the team ever since. She started her career in a substitute role in the purchasing department and has since been a highly valued colleague with her loyalty, perseverance, persistence, and her talented and innovative mind.

After getting her permanent position, she used her already considerable knowledge and professionalism in both sales and purchasing. Susanne is described by her colleagues as a person filled with determination, commitment, and energy.

She is a person who really wants to do her work well, and after 25 years, she knows exactly how to do it and certainly is not afraid to remind people.

Today Susanne works as “supply chain planner” where she shares her experience with her colleagues. We hope she will continue to do just that for many years to come.

Congratulations on your anniversary!