We insist on acting responsibly 🌱

Vi insisterer på at handle ansvarligt
Schou is the largest non-food wholesaler in the Nordic region, and we know that our actions have a big impact. Not just for us employees, but for the environment and our partners around the world. That is why three small letters are lying at the core of our organisation that sound almost insignificant in their cold abbreviation but mean the world to us: CSR.
 We have just put in place the most ambitious strategy in Schou's history to ensure that we bring CSR into every aspect of our daily lives. We still have a focus on the environment, where increased recycling, reduced CO2 emissions, requirements for suppliers, reductions of packaging, environmentally friendly transport, and the creation of forests and wetlands are just some of the key areas. Of course, this also applies to a large extent to our employees and our business partners. We want to raise our ethical standards even higher and ensure that we are a diverse company where it is nice to be. We will do this through uncompromising goals, working with voluntary and independent organisations, and focusing on being a workplace with room for both ambition and room to be human.
 It is vital to us that our CSR ambitions flow through the whole organisation, so last Thursday we all came together for a day of knowledge sharing. There were presentations from Steen M. Andersen the former “UNICEF” General and now CEO of “FCG Global Goals”, our CEO Gotfred Christiansen, and Pernille Kruse Madsen the Founder of the “Human Practice Foundation”, who really got to the heart of the matter by giving us a moving insight into what our support work means for children and parents in Kenya.