A look back at our history

Et historisk tilbageblik

Schou has had a long journey, both through time and space. We have moved a lot in the last 50 years and the only way is forward. But although there have been many shifts over time, the common thread has always taken centre stage. Trademanship and out our unique approach to both customers and suppliers are essential to our success.

Around 50 years ago, we send out invitations to our first major showcase at Schou. The news was a new generation of washing machines. We wanted people to come and make their own experience of the product. This kind of demonstration was common in the booming 1960s, where newspapers and magazines were still the most widely used marketing channels.

Few things are like this today. Marketing opportunities have doubled ten times and it is of course something we make use of. We know the importance of challenging the status quo. Being forward looking is and will always be an important part of Schou.

At the same time, though, we hold on to some principles. One is that you always have to be able to see and feel our products just as in the 1960s. It means that we still have showrooms and allow for showings.

Some might say that it is a question of customer care and service – and they are completely right. It is because we firmly believe that quality is not just something you should claim. It is something you always must prove, over and over again.

Garden furniture – Outdoor life never goes out of fashion

Garden furniture has been a big part of Schou’s identity and business since its inception in the early 1960s. When life is to be enjoyed outside, we provide just about everything you can think of – from chairs, tables and lounge sets to sunbeds, cushions, pavilions and much, much more.

Throughout the 1970s, the growing range of garden furniture was complemented by an equally large range of camping equipment. It was a result of Schou becoming the sole distributor of camping products from Rinco Camping Sport, Europe’s leading manufacturer at the time.

Style and trends may not be as essential to garden furniture and outdoor equipment as to clothes and shoes, but it is pretty close. It is crucial to be on top of new designs, new colours and what’s in and what’s not. This mattered when our very first furniture arrived back in 1963 in characteristic brown colours with orange flowers – and it matters today, where we actually see a return to the same classic design and the same colours from that time.

Brown and orange? We admit we are thrilled once again.

Showroom – Show don’t tell

Back in 1985 when neon colours were flashing all over, the Cold War was raging – and the craziest thing you could do on a computer was to play Pac-Man – we proudly put our products on display. We are proud to say that nothing has changed. To this day we still showcase our products paired with posters that provide people with all they need to know about our offers.

We have, of course, taken huge business leaps since then at Schou, but the showcasing-principle continue to survive and with good reason. Because we are still of the opinion that products are something you should be able to see and feel. It makes it easier to make the right choice.

Almost sixty years of experience tells us that making the right choice makes way for greater value and this is what counts. So, yes! Showrooms and exhibitions continue to be an integrated part of our business and identity and with our staff of skilled decorators, we are always looking forward to inviting people on a shopping stroll in modern and attractive surroundings.