Product safety

Product reliability and safety are indispensable in our opinion. That’s why, thanks to the exacting processes and well-devised measures we have put in place, we are in a position to meet all of the market’s safety requirements.

Safety is everything

In our work, we take great care and check every detail to ensure that all our documentation, including for chemical
content, meets all legal requirements. We set the bar high for our suppliers.
A major part of this safety work is done through factory inspections,
random product sampling, correct labelling of goods, and ongoing efforts to stay up-to-date with the latest legal requirements.

The employees in our product safety department are all suitably qualified in relation to chemicals
and technology, and have many years of experience in goods inspection. They receive further training on a regular basis and are
therefore familiar with the latest legislation, putting them in a position to ensure that our products always fulfil current
legal and environmental requirements.