A great choice for any keen barbecuer

Dangrill is a great choice for anyone who enjoys getting together
with others for a barbecue and a cosy time. It is a universe of grilling and
equipment with a clear focus to develop products that unite price and quality

Dangrill are traditional barbecue grill constructions with
beautiful Nordic design details, ideal for any patio or garden.
The series is accompanied by a striking set of marketing materials,
images, and icons that make it easily recognisable in-store.

Our gas barbecues are available in different sizes and grades
and come with a broad selection of accessories and equipment,
ensuring a great flexibility for customers.


We have been looking forward to
showing you all our new Dangrill products and features!

The tastiest dishes

Feel cosy in the light of the flames

Plenty of equipment

The delicious things you associate with grilling

Thoughtfully designed accessories

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