We act as an ethical and responsible citizen

We act in an ethically responsible way

Our work with CSR is based on internationally recognized UN conventions, relevant regulations and applicable legislation in the EU and the countries in which we purchase and operate. We want to be at the forefront of relevant legislation so that our customers can feel safe and
safe and secure when buying our products.


It is important for our continued business success that our customers and other stakeholders have confidence in us as a company, and therefore we do our utmost to conduct our business with high integrity. In Schou we do not accept any form of corruption or bribery, which is written down in our anti-corruption policy.
Our employees are continuously trained in anti-corruption so that they always know what we expect from them. In addition, our employees and business partners have access to our whistleblower scheme, so they can confidentially report illegal and unethical behaviour that is not in line with our policies and guidelines. We always ensure that reports and any offences are followed up.


At Schou, we support various charitable endeavours both locally and globally that contribute to a positive development in the society around us.

In the coming year, we will focus even more on giving back to the surrounding community through various donations.

Students in Kenya

In the poorest regions of Kenya, only 28% of the youngest students are getting the maths and literacy skills they should have for their age group. Most schools are old, worn out and in extremely poor condition. They often lack educational facilities such as libraries and IT rooms, and often even basic facilities such as toilets. Teachers are not well trained, as most of them have just completed secondary education themselves

Gakando Primary School

Gakando Primary School is one such school and is located in Gakando village in Laikipia County. The main occupation in the area is agriculture, but most families struggle to make ends meet and have little or no income. More than 30% of the population lives below the poverty line. The school's isolated rural location is not prioritised by the government, which already has limited resources, so there is no prospect of improved conditions from that side.

Our project

There are 109 pupils enrolled at Gakando Primary School. The current conditions of the school are not suitable for teaching the children. One of the buildings is in very poor condition and needs to be demolished. The rest of the school buildings have safe structures, but the classrooms are old, dark and worn out.


In 2022, we started the school project "Gakando Primary School" in Kenya together with the Danish charity organisation, Human Practice.

Pernille Kruse Madsen - CEO and founder of Human Practice Foundation says:
"Gakando is an incredibly important school project for us, and we know we can make a huge difference in this particular area and at this particular school. We are therefore extremely happy and grateful for the large donation from the Schou Family and the company, which allows us to build new and renovate existing classrooms as well as build a library and new toilets."