Our Story

Trading for generations

Having a sharp eye for retail and growing a successful business have always been engrained in the Schou family DNA.

Our story

Schou begynder med Johannes Schou
Having an eye for things – and for making them grow – has always been a part of Schou’s DNA. It runs in a straight line from the first Schou; Johannes Schou, who with a head full of ideas decided...
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En ny Schou tager over: Andreas Schou
After the death of Johannes Schou in 1939, Kirstine Schou continues the business with support from her to eldest sons, Knud and Laurids. However, there is little doubt that the second-youngest son, Andreas Schou, also has inherited an undeniable talent...
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Hvad far kan – kan jeg også: Jørgen Schou
By virtue of Andreas Schous’ drive and trading skills the name Schou becomes an inseparable part of Vamdrup and the entire region throughout the 1970s and 1980s. In 1990, though, he is ready to pass the baton on to the...
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Et historisk tilbageblik
Schou has had a long journey, both through time and space. We have moved a lot in the last 50 years and the only way is forward. But although there have been many shifts over time, the common thread has...
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Established 1963
Since its very beginning in 1963, the company has been motivated by its ambitions. Those ambitions have in no sense become smaller, and we grow year after year. Take a trip back in time with us and learn about the...
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