Meet our country manager

Mød vores Country Manager

Our Norwegian Country Manager Jon Handeland is on a daily basis managing a team of 21 employees within sales, administration, customer support and purchasing.

Jon has been with Schou for the past 2 years and has to a large extent been involved in influencing competence development in sales Norway and cooperation across national borders.

Jon especially appreciates the development and cohesion of his work:

"Schou is a large company with a lot of talented people - the strong team spirit has impressed me right from the start. I think it is exciting to be part of a company that aims to hire new employees with special competences and know-how, so that we together can create growth and improve the cooperation between our countries.

I particularly enjoy the cohesion and the dialogue between departments - it really makes me happy when we succeed as a team, and everybody can celebrate together. It also makes me extremely proud to work for Scandinavia's largest wholesaler in non-food products."