Meet our Key Account Manager, Lene

Mød vores Key Account Manager

"Schou is a place with room for laughter, and where you can really be who you are and get close to your colleagues. It gives you work satisfaction to be in a good environment, since your professional development increases with the development of the company."

Lene has been a part of Schou for the last 10 years, and has therefore followed the development closely. Lene was previously working as a sales coordinator at HP Værktøj, and with her skilled sales qualifications she became a natural part of the sales team, when HP Værktøj merged with Schou Company A/S.

Lene especially emphasizes the unity of the department as strength of her job:

"To me, success equals satisfied customers. And they come with exciting products at the right prices, good service and everything in between. I am able to give the best service, because I have a strong sales team to back me up and with whom I can always spar. We give each other good advice and share suggestions for sales – we mutually reinforce each other."