Meet our Product Manager

Mød vores Product Manager

”There are many things that I would like to emphasize, but especially the trust placed in me from the beginning, means a lot. Maybe is sounds obvious that you get satisfied and happy employers through trust, but that does not mean that all companies understand this or follow this.”

Christian is our Product Manager in the International Indoor department, and has been responsible for 6 buyers through almost 3 years. Christian is the essence of a motivating and smiling leader passionate about working with strategic supplier search and development. He sees it as an exciting challenge to find the best suppliers before anybody else does.

“At the same time I have been privileged to manage a team in which the constitution is close to perfect. There is a good mix of “wisdom of experience” and “new thoughts”. There is also room for a lot of laughs and events with the colleagues. There has to be, it really strengthens the team spirit and therefore the daily practice.”