Mother Earth has her limits

A new sustainability initiative from Schou. We work towards a greener future, so we
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink

Working towards sustainability

As the largest wholesaler in Scandinavia, we have a large amount of influence on the choices consumers make, and these choices have a major bearing on the environment. We take our responsibility seriously and strive constantly to find environmentally friendly solutions. That’s a challenging task, but also a task that requires us to maintain our focus all the time and be willing to make difficult informed decisions. It’s what we have to do though, and we take great pride in our efforts to make the future greener.


Bamboo is a sustainable natural material and as such a great substitute for wood and plastic. Bamboo grass can grow by up to one metre a day and therefore releases more oxygen than trees do, which has a positive effect on CO2 emissions and is thus of great benefit to our environment. Our goal is to replace plastic with bamboo wherever this is possible.

Ocean Plast

Ocean Plast is made from plastic waste from the fishing industry (e.g. rope and nets). By using this waste material to produce beautiful products, we can reduce the production of new plastic and ensure that rope, nets, and other plastic waste does not pollute the oceans and the eco-system.