Recruitment process

Keen to become part of the team?

In the section below, we break our recruitment process down into nine simple steps, so that you know what to expect from
us after you have submitted your application.

We look forward to meeting you!

Recruitment process

Vacant positions are advertised on our own website as well as other relevant sites. We only accept applications
via our own website.
This allows us to ensure correct handling
of your personal data.


We review all of the applications received very carefully, then we choose potential matches for the position.
In cases of doubts or questions, or a need to go over certain areas of a CV, we will use telephone screening.


If we remain of the opinion that you could be the right match, we will invite you to a first interview. If you have not already completed the behavioural analysis before the interview, we will most likely invite you to do it afterwards.
If we think that you are not the right match
, you will be sent a written rejection.


At the interview, you will meet our HR manager and the relevant line manager. You will have the opportunity to elaborate on your CV and ask questions about the position.


If necessary, and with your permission, we will obtain references for you from previous/current employers or other relevant people who are in a position to give us an all-round view of you as a person.


If necessary, a second interview will be conducted.


After the interviews, we will inform each candidate, who unfortunately will not be offered the job. At this point, there will be the opportunity for in-depth feedback.


The right candidate will be offered the job, and we will draw up the contract.


Welcome to the team! We will be waiting for you with our onboarding programme.


Unsolicited applications

Think we should know more about you and your qualifications? We are always on the look-out for talented potential employees dedicated to their profession, who can contribute something to our team.

Feel free to submit an unsolicited application to be registered on our candidate database. We will then contact you if we have a vacant position that matches your profile.

Recruitment agent

As we are constantly growing as a company, we are also constantly on the look-out for new employees to join our team. Our recruitment agent will let you know, if a relevant role that matches your search criteria is created or becomes vacant.