Visual merchandiser intern

During your visual merchandising internship at Schou, we make sure that your career gets off to a good start and that you develop both personally and professionally.

Your education will last for two years, during which time you will gain practical experience as part of our visual merchandising team and have your own areas of responsibility.

You will also be enrolled on a ten-week theoretical training course in the classroom, which breaks down into week-long blocks, together with others.

As your internship progresses, you will take on more responsibility, oversee your own section, liaise with product managers, develop concepts, keep the showroom interesting, as well as undertaking adjustments, styling, daily maintenance, and much else besides.

Sofie Terkelsen

"The broad range of tasks I get to do in the showroom, which are practical as well as creative, mean that I as an intern am involved in the process from start to finish.
The best things are the freedom and responsibility I have as part of the process, from the idea stage all the way through to execution.

With many different skillsets under the same roof, there are many options available when it comes to the visual merchandising process. My work is done across departments with graphic designers, photographers, buyers, and contractors, it’s that diverse.
At Schou, you have the space to try out a lot of things, which helps me to develop as a visual merchandiser."
- Sofie Terkelsen


There are many options for an internship with us.

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