Purchasing intern

As purchasing intern at Schou, we make sure that your career gets off to a good start and that you develop both personally and professionally.

Your education will last for two years, during which time you will gain practical experience as part of our buying team for a specific product group and work independently on your own tasks.

You will also be enrolled on a classroom-based theoretical training course, lasting four to seven weeks, together with others.

As your internship progresses, you will take on more responsibility, cooperate with suppliers on a daily basis, develop products, ensure orders are duly processed, prepare quotes, and much else besides.

Tascha Schaufuss Brokholm

Being a purchasing intern is very cool, because you learn a lot of new things and you get your own responsibilities in line with your colleagues very quickly; it almost feels as if you are not an intern. They have a lot of focus on your well-being and because everybody is
really good at helping one another, we share the workload, and nobody gets stressed.


Purchasing is particularly interesting, because you get to see how an item is ”born” – from sample to artwork and manuals and eventually being sold to a customer. It is really great to see how important my work is to the process.”

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