Finance intern

During your finance internship at Schou, we make sure that your career gets off to a good start and that you develop both personally and professionally.

Your training will last for two years, during which time you will gain practical experience as part of our finance team and have your own areas of responsibility.

You will also be enrolled on a theoretical training course in the classroom, which will take between four and seven weeks, together with others.

As your internship progresses, you will take on more responsibility and oversee different accounting disciplines, reconciliations, payroll, financial bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payable, and much else besides.

Stig Nørgaard Nissen

"As a finance intern at Schou, you are soon given responsibility for your own
tasks and have a lot of trust placed in you. The tasks you are assigned here
tend to be more challenging and require more skill than a typical internship would. The days go fast, there are lots of things to
see to and, in my opinion, there is a healthy balance of routine work days and more complex ones
. It feels exciting to grow and develop under the tutelage of such
lovely colleagues, and of course it’s also great to be part of a growing
company. "
- Stig Nørgaard Nissen

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